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Studies at the University of Fine Arts Braunschweig - Assistant to Prof. Ottokar Koeppen - Diploma - Art Director for Advertising and Design for international brands - Lived and worked in Brazil, Switzerland and currently in Germany - Art and Design Education - Continuously free work in the fields of photography, painting, drawing

I work abstract, because it allows me to explore the areas of my inner life without concrete goal. I create a fictional world full of feelings and memories that relate to real life without depicting it.
I play with the limits between drawing and painting.
Color is my main means of expression. My work begins with the spontaneous, intuitive gesture that initiates a process of addition and subtraction. Reflection, variation and sometimes revision lead to new results. By the time I got more and more interested in color in movement and in lines than in form.
Since Corona crisis I work strictly with geometric patterns and stereotypes in a planned process. Since that time I am involved in the Discursive Geometry Movement.

My favorite technique is the watercolor. It allows me to work graphically and precisely both as a painterly and spontaneously. The colors are applied in individual layers, sometimes they run into each other. I produce these watercolors with acrylic paints on fabric, some on very large format (2.50 m). The result is always an authentic expression of the moment, because this technique doesn't allow to overpaint.
I do continuously nature studies. The harmonies and proportions of nature flow into the movements and forms of my abstract images. The result is an effect that gives a sense of familiarity and helps to access the abstract painting.
With abstract art, I touch areas of my psyche that I am normally unaware of. I want to bring people in contact with this so they can see the world differently.

Galerie "7", Athens, 2023
BBK Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart, "New", 2023
Abstract Projekt, Paris, Soloshow, 2023
Kunstverein Konstanz, "Verschwundene Orte", 2022/2023
Bos Fine Art, summerexhibition, Den Haag, 2022
Galerie Studio NOVO Artspace, Köln, 2022 "Von Zero bis Zen -Kunst nach 1945"
Member of BBK Stuttgart
Scholarship of Baden-Württemberg zur "Förderung der künstlerischen Praxis im Zusammenhang mit der Corona-Pandemie", until 06.2022
Bos Fine Art, Duo Exhibiton, Den Haag/Utrecht, 2022
Covimetry, 2021, international art project, Ely Center of the Arts, New Haven/Connecticut, USA
Bos Fine Art, Stock Sales, 2021, Den Haag, NL
Fora da casa - Asas da liberdade, 2021, São Paulo, Brasil
Grün III, 2020, Galerie Überlingen, Germany
THE SOUND OF SIGNS 3, international art project, 2020, Italy
Covimetry 2020, international art project, Kielce, PL
Kunstverein Konstanz, Germany, 2019
2004 -2009, various group shows with my students
Galerie Pitz, Solo Exhibition Photography, Braunschweig, Germany
HBK Braunschweig, various group shows